What is Oxijet™ ?

The Oxijet™ is a unique device that saves water and energy while giving you a more luxurious shower.

Air and water combine to give you a wonderful shower while saving you up to 50% on water and energy.

This Oxijet™ is a great quality product that is easy to install to most showers. It usually pays for itself in just three months and with a 10 year warranty it will save you thousands of dollars in the future.

Not only will you save on your water and energy bills, you will also be doing your bit to save the environment.

Help make a difference and buy an Oxijet™ today.


The Oxijet™ is the first and only product like this in the world. Money back guarantee with every sale.

Oxijet™ was designed and manufactured by Felton, and incorporates features based on previously reported CSIRO know how.


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