Shower-Aeration Technology has introduced a new range of solutions to improve the functionality of your bathrooms. Replace your Pre 1984 shower and taps with behind the wall plumbing with a modern European style mixer. The conversion is installed with an Oxijet for a luxurious shower spray and combined water and energy savings.


Shower/Bath Conversion Kit $380.00




Shower Conversion Kit $350.00


Benefits of the Shower and Bath Kits:

  • Eliminates leaks and the need for washer replacements 
  • Easily fitted to existing systems
  • No tiles removed or holes drilled
  • 2 year warranty on tap
  • 5 year warranty on diffuser
  • 10 year warranty on Oxijet


Hand Basin Conversion  $150.00



This is a familiar sight in many bathrooms. This common hand basin arrangement requires regular maintenance. Taps can become difficult to open or close and along with washer changes, often require full replacement.



The Shower-Aeration hand basin mixer conversion provides a modern look and effortless variation of water temperature for guests. This low-cost conversion eliminates the need for tap maintenance and washer changes. The mixer apparatus carries a 2 year warranty and the diffuser carries a 5 year warranty.

For more information on these products, please contact us.



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