Tamworth Water Wise Promotion

Tamworth Regional Council announces it will add to its water saving initiatives in a joint promotion with Shower Aeration Technology.

During the promotion, the cost for each Oxijet sold at Council customer service centres will be $13 because Council will include the existing rebate of $20 it provides for each showerhead with a Water Efficiency and Standards (WELS) rating of three stars or more. After the three month promotion the cost will be $40 for each Oxijet.

The Council also decided to extend the offer to Tamworth region accommodation providers and businesses.

The promotion aims to provide an initial special-price offer to encourage residents and businesses to take advantage of the scheme to ensure water savings occur in the Tamworth Region as soon as possible.

Tamworth Regional Council Water Sustainability Officer, Ian Lobban, said in a report to Council the Oxijet was developed in collaboration with the CSIRO.

“It is unique in terms of being a low-cost insert to an existing showerhead that maintains levels of user comfort while reducing water usage,” he wrote.

The report explained the Oxijet works by “volumising” the water stream with air giving a more comfortable shower, but using minimum water. Traditional flow restrictors work by reducing flow and pressure, whereas the Oxijet uses flow energy to draw air into the water stream.

The air volumises and pressurises the water, creating tiny air bubbles within the water stream that burst when they touch the skin. The device is fitted to an existing showerhead, and can be fitted to an existing waterwise showerhead if the plastic/rubber flow restrictor is removed.

The Council report said the Oxijet has been used with success by a number of major Australian public and private hospitals, aged care facilities and accommodation chains.

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